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Type of goods
  • Packaged goods
  • Non-ferrous
  • Nutrition
  • General
  • Chemistry and hazardous goods
Types of transport
Limited and on demand:
  • full freight
  • Benelux
  • France
  • Austria
  • Slovakia
  • Other countries/destinations on demand
  • ADR equipment
  • Euro-pallets
  • Anti-slip mats
  • Corner guards
  • 18 tensioning straps
Other activities
  • Storage of goods inside or outside
  • Transloading of goods
  • Rental of warehouse space, outdoor space and office space
  • Maintenance of trailers and vehicles (on request)
  • Shuttleservice with covered or refrigerated trailer

Family business
For more than 70 years Bellekens Transport is led by family Bellekens. Throughout those years you can say that Bellekens has made fame in road transport business. Except for some side activities, like office and warehouse rental and a truckwash which is also offered to other companies, the international road transport is still our main activity. Since the 80’s we mostly transport between the Benelux and France.
Knowledge of business
Over the years a specific knowledge is gathered which gives our customers the best service for a competitive price. Transportation is a sector that changes continuously and which needs continuous accurate adaptations.
ISO-9001 is the quality label which is in place in the company. With this quality label our customers know that all their goods are transported on qualitative service level.
An important road has been taken on the French National Holiday of 14 July 2003. On that same day, 65 years after buying the first truck, the company moved to a completely new property of 6 hectares and infrastructure of which many can be envious.

Warehouse Rental

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For Rent

  • Unit 1: Warehouse
  • Unit 2: Temperature controlled
  • Unit 3: Cooling infrastructure
  • Unit 4: Warehouse
  • Common loading facilities with 7 docks
Solar panels
530 kWh solar panels provide Bellekens Transportation with an additional revenue, saving costs and reducing our carbon footprint.
Bellekens Transport came out of the crisis well by not only saving on suppliers but mainly by improving our efficiency with a strict and efficient planning.
Thanks to our 45 New Euro 6 Volvo vehicles we have brought down out CO2 emission and our diesel consumption.
Bellekens Transport is almost fully transitioned to working on the Internet. This provides greater security and faster operation on our side.
Camera surveillance
The existing camera infrastructure of Bellekens Transportation was completely modernized with a better check-up as a result. Furthermore, our supplier can always retrieve the images.
Job opening
We are looking for a Planner / dispatcher and Transport planners with knowledge in France. If you are the m/f we are looking for, please contact us soon!
ISO 9001
Transport Bellekens meets all ISO 9001 standards. In practice this means that we do everything to improve our customer satisfaction.
Transport Bellekens has a new ultra modern building. View our movie!
Transport Bellekens has its own maintenance service that is associated with a program on your computer. Kilometers are adjusted automatically on the basis of the results of the on-board computers.

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