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Currently the third generation is continuing the activities. The main activities of Bellekens Transport is limited to shipments (in- and out) between Belgium, the Netherlands and France. The main point are the direct deliveries from food- and non-food products to different warehouse chains and delivery of non-ferro products to industrial companies. To maintain a certain level of service for our customers we have been working with Slovak integrated contractor.
  • Joseph Bellekens (†)
  • Gert Bellekens (managing director, head of dispatch)
  • Rudy Bellekens (managing director, general management)
Total staff
  • 80 driver employees (including warehouse/driver position and drivers from Intrabel Spedition SRO)
  • 16 office employees (including 2 from Intrabel Spedition SRO located in Bratislava)
  • 3 mechanics
  • Transport of full loads and partial loads with curtainside trailers or tautliner (also ADR products)
  • Loading- and unloading facilities (crossboarding)
  • Warehousing (small quantities)
  • Rental of office space
  • Rental of Warehouse space (inside and outside)
  • Rental of truck parking places
  • Truck wash
  • Freight forwarding (NEW since March 2013) to European countries
  • ...
Main destinations
  • Belgium / France / Belgium
  • Belgium / Austria / Belgium
  • Netherlands / France / Netherlands
  • Netherlands / Austria / Netherlands
  • Other destinations on demand with own vehicles
  • Europe (freight forwarding)
  • Products
    • Packed food and non-food
    • Non-ferro
    • General cargo
    • Hazardous (ADR) and non-hazardous cargo

    Map - route