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Modern transport company
International Transport Bellekens & Zonen has a number of Public Limited Companies. Together they give shape to a modern transportation company with a fleet of more than 60 pulling and 80 pulled vehicles. The total number of employees is around 80 people. Up until now, Bellekens & Zonen has been able to keep its family atmosphere.
Origin of Bellekens Transport
Transport Bellekens was founded back in 1938 with the purchase of one single truck. During these first years the main focus of the company was the transportation of fruit, vegetables, coal and fertilizers.
Pigeon- and international transport

In 1950 Bellekens Transport started transporting pigeons. The company continued doing so until the 80’s and became one of the biggest pigeon transporters.

In 1964 Bellekens Transport started doing international transport, mainly to Germany and France. During that period there were more than 5 Bellekens-trucks on the road.

Another important step was in 1975, when Bellekens started transporting containers, which was a booming business. Bellekens owned 25 trucks at that time.

In 1986 Bellekens Transport stopped transporting pigeons and reduced its container-activities as curtain side transportation was beginning to thrive.

Specialized transport

Transport Bellekens & Zonen has now grown into a specialized transporter in the transport of full loads. The transported products vary from prepacked to unpackaged products and can be food, feed products, ADR products, non-hazardous chemicals, paper wood, products for department stores, … to name a few.

In short: all products on EUR-pallets can be exchanged.

Map - route