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Euro 6 vehicles
International transport is performed mainly by EURO 5 and Euro 6 vehicles. We continue to execute our business with an environmentally conscious mindset.
Our own repair shop watches over the repair of each defect of the fleet in no time. The maintenance of the fleet is done on a strict preventive way to reduce defects to a minimum. For some repairs we rely on the Volvo dealer.
With a total of 65 motor vehicles from Volvo and Mercedes, we always have quality in the fleet and we can always enjoy latest technology. During the years 2008 and 2009 (start of crisis period) no trucks were bought or replaced. But now (january 2017) we can proudly say that we have replaced about 21 trucks with a Euro 6 engine and most of our other trucks width a Euro 5 engine. These past years we also have replaced about 30 trailers to modernize the trailer fleet with the type XL. Every combination has the Transics Quattro or TX Max onboard computer with GPRS, GPS and GSM communication module. To optimize full usability of the fleet, all of our trucks are equipped for transport of ADR goods (packed goods) and we can always change 33 euro pallets. To transport all goods in a safe way, each combination has 18 tensioning straps, about 50 non-slip mats, corner protectors and cross-bars.
In case of breakdown on the road we will try to fix small problems together with the driver. All drivers have a tool case, a driver manual (with some tips) and spare material for small repairs that can easily be fixed. If necessary and possible we will tow the truck with own towing truck or we call Volvo Action Europe for assistance. We always try to keep costs as low as possible and see to it that the truck can continue the road so the goods can still be delivered on time.

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